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ACCESSORIES: check your parts regularly

The accessories for a car are many. At we consider parts including the wiper blades, the window regulators, the rear-view mirrors and the mirror glass accessories. Most of these car parts contribute to your driving comfort. Nevertheless some, including the wing mirrors or the windscreen wipers for example are also essential for your safety. Without wing mirrors you’ll feel ‘blind’ when driving as you cannot see what’s happening beside and behind the car. It becomes more difficult or even almost impossible to execute certain manoeuvres including merging onto the motorway or overtaking other vehicles. Without windscreen wipers in good working order, it becomes dangerous to drive in the rain as your wind shield cannot be kept clean from raindrops. In case of heavy showers your vision can be completely obscured. Remember to clean your wiper blades regularly and replace them as soon as they start squeaking or leaving traces on your wind shield.
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