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How do I know if my fuel filter needs replacing?

A fuel filter must be cleaned and in good condition in order to best protect your engine from impurities in your fuel. It will be easy to tell if your fuel filter is in poor condition, dirty, or completely clogged :

  • Start-up problems: a dirty or clogged up fuel filter can prevent the fuel from correctly flowing to the engine and starting-up
  • Unexpected engine stops: if your vehicle stalls without explanation, it may be because your engine is not getting enough fuel due to a blocked fuel filter
  • Poor acceleration: A blocked filter prevents additional flow of fuel in large quantities, which is needed for engine acceleration
  • Bad-smelling fumes: if the exhaust fumes become suddenly smelly
  • Overconsumption of fuel: if you have to fill up more often, even if your trips have not increased


If these indicators occur, check your fuel filter and change it if needed, so that your engine does not become damaged. Do not wait to check your fuel filter and change it if required (according to the frequency indicated in your Owner's Manual).

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