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What is power-assisted braking?

Power-assisted braking in a car is a component in your brake system which boosts the brake power of a vehicle that is produced when the driver presses the brake pedal. It considerably reduces the force that the driver has to generate.

It was mechanical to begin with when cars were first created, then hydraulic, and now the vacuum model is the most common among modern cars. The brake assist device uses the vacuum produced in the vacuum lines and the engine. It is made up of two major parts: the control cylinder and the servo-control device.

Where is located the prower-assisted brake ?

Power-assisted brakes on your car are an important component of your braking system. It boosts your vehicle's braking power as soon as you press the brake pedal. It is a big round component that sits under the bonnet, next to the brake fluid reservoir, behind your brake pedal.

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