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When should I clean the headlights?

It is necessary to clean your headlights regularly as they play an important role in your safety, and the safety of other road users and your passengers. Good visibility and effective lighting also ensures driver convenience. If you are planning a long journey, and particularly if you are driving at night, make sure your headlights are clean and non-cloudy.

A spring clean is often prudent as winter conditions (rain, frost, salt, mud) affect and dirty your headlights. A complete clean at the end of summer is certainly necessary, as long holiday road trips, the heat, the sun, insects and the sand, really dirty your lights.

Generally, you should regularly carry out a visual check on the condition of your headlights and clean them as soon as you think they are getting dirty, stained, or cloudy, or if you notice a reduction in brightness when they are switched on.

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