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What is a car ac?

The air conditioning of a car is a rather complicated system consisting of several different car parts including the ac compressor and the condenser. It is essential that all these parts are in excellent condition to properly cool the cabin area of the vehicle. How does the ac work? An ac system works a little bit like a fridge. Hot air from the surroundings of the ac is cooled by an evaporator. Inside the evaporator circulates a refrigerant at -25°C. The hot dry air is blown through the evaporator, cooled and then injected into the cabin. Before its injection into the cabin area, the air is cleaned of all sorts of particulates and dirt by the pollen filter. The driver determines how cold the air that is injected needs to be. As hot air is able to contain more humidity than cold air, the humidity from the hot air remains in the condensator. Especially at high temperatures, the latter becomes damp resulting in a pool of water underneath the vehicle. Tips: Switch your air con on at least ten minutes per week, even in winter and check the working of your interior filter regularly to avoid inefficiency or bad odours due to dirt. Despite these precautions it is important to have your air con checked every year as the system does wear over time. In addition this is an occasion to check that the pipes and hoses are still in good condition to avoid leakage. Depending on how often and at what temperatures you use your ac, the ac filter needs replacing regularly. When dirty it is unable to clean the air properly.

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