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Front Brake Discs

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The brake discs are one component of a disc brake system, and are an integral part of any vehicle’s safety system. Disc brakes work by squeezing a pair of brake pads to the brake disc using calipers. This then creates the required friction used to slow or stop your vehicle. Commonly based upon a hydraulic system, the brake disc is most often found within the wheel where heat and water can more easily dissipate.

Monitoring and Maintenance of your Brake Discs

The monitoring and maintenance of your brake discs is crucial to the safe operation of your vehicle. It is therefore important that you regularly check that your brake discs are not corroded, warped or otherwise damaged. This will ensure that your brake system runs optimally and your vehicle is safe to drive. If you find that your brake discs display any of the above issues, then it might be time to replace them, and Mister-Auto is here to help.

Identifying Brake Disc Problems

In addition to a visual inspection, identifying problems with your brake discs and within the wider braking system can be done in a number of ways. Any squealing, grinding or growling noises coming from the brakes should be easy to identify as you bring the car to a halt. In addition to this, if you find that your vehicle pulls to one side upon application of the brakes; if you find a nonresponsive or “sinking” brake pedal; or if you experience vibrations when braking, then you should investigate your braking system further.

Replacement Brake Discs at Mister-Auto

If you identify a problem with your brake discs and conclude that they should be replaced, then Mister-Auto stocks brake discs for many makes and models of vehicle. In order to identify the correct part for your vehicle, simply enter your car registration in our registration search function, and we will display all available parts. Alternatively, use our intuitive categories to find your particular make and model and view all available parts. Once you have found the parts you are looking for, ordering them through Mister-Auto is quick and easy.

Established in 2007, Mister-Auto is among Europe’s top suppliers of branded parts and accessories. In fact, with over 300,000 components listed on the Mister-Auto website, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, whatever type of vehicle you own. What’s more, Mister-Auto offers discounts of up to 60% on all of our stock, meaning you can get the parts you need for less. In addition to this, flexible payment options and quick delivery times make ordering brake discs, or any other parts, simple. Buy brake discs from Mister-Auto today and ensure that your vehicle is operating safely.