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Drum Brake Kit Volkswagen LT28-50

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Maintenance advice and tips for Volkswagen LT28-50

Your rear brake kit is a wearing part, just like the brake pads at the front.

The brake lining consists of the same material as the brake pads. A rear brake kit needs to be checked every year. Between 62.100 and 80.700 miles it is likely you'll need to replace some of your rear brake parts.
Mister-Auto offers you parts from top brands including TRW, Bosch or Mintex. We recommend you check the following points on your Volkswagen LT28-50 before ordering a reference: the diameter of the brake drum and the piston, the width of the brake shoes and the make of your braking system.

To then find fitting rear brake kit references, we recommend you to select the model and engine type of your Volkswagen LT28-50 in the drop down menu or enter your registration number.

Drum Brake Kit for Volkswagen LT28-50 by model and power system

Brake Set, drum brakes
Brake Set, drum brakes QUINTON HAZELL - BS1171K1
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  • Drum Diameter 229
  • Width [mm] 43
  • Piston Diameter [mm] 21
  • Brake System AP Lockheed
  • Technical Information with automatic adjustment