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Brake Kit
BREMBO - Ref: DP 85 019
£ 88.90

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Brake Kit
BREMBO - Ref: DP 85 019


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£ 88.90
Thickness [mm] 15,3
Width [mm] 142
Height 1 [mm] 48
Brake System Kelsey Hayes
Diameter [mm] 239
Brake Disc Thickness [mm] 18
Height 2 [mm] 51

2x Brake disc set (2) BREMBO - Ref: 09.6799.14

4x Brake Pad Set BREMBO - Ref: P 85 031

Mister Auto adapts to all needs.

Mister Auto offers its customers products that adapt to all needs.Our Brake Kit by the brand BREMBO, with reference DP 85 019, is compatible with all the vehicles on this list.Mister Auto recommends the Brake Kit DP 85 019 for your vehicle. Find this quality part at the best price on our website!