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Brake Parts

Brake Parts at Mister-Auto

Brakes are a vital part of a car’s safety system. Essentially, they constitute a simple hydraulic system that transfers the pressure applied to the brake pedal to the wheel—bringing the car to a stop. Car brakes are made up of several components; braking works due to the brake pads—housed inside the callipers, which clamp onto the brake discs. These are generally found at the front of the vehicle. By contrast, the rear of the vehicle will normally have drum brakes, which are slowed by brake shoes pressing against the inside of the drum.

The brake disc and brake pads

This is a part of the vehicle’s braking system. The brake disc is what the brake pads press down on when the pedal has been pushed. This causes friction and gradually slows the vehicle. Because they are typically located at the front, they are exposed to more pressure than the rear brakes. As such, these components, particularly the pads, are naturally worn down through everyday use. If they are not maintained, it can ultimately lead to a failure in the braking system. Luckily, replacing these parts is easy. But it’s important to always use a reliable supplier when purchasing any car parts. At Mister-Auto, we provide a range of quality car parts and accessories at unbeatable prices— that’s why we’re the best place to buy brakes online.

When to change the brake disc and brake pads

Due to the high level of friction between the brake pads and the brake disc, the wear on these parts of the vehicle is considerably high. Therefore, it is often necessary to buy spare parts, as well as regularly check and change the discs and pads. There is no set time period as to when brake pads or discs should be changed. For example, the rate at which these components are worn down is largely dependent on the driving style of the car owner, as well as the materials used. The easiest and safest way is to check each pad and disc individually, and make an assessment based on their condition. But before you buy brakes, it’s important to know what to look for.

Most disc brakes are normally constructed from cast iron. However, this material is susceptible to corrosion. The front discs are unlikely to rust due to the frequency and intensity at which the pads are applied, but the rear discs may rust over time. How regularly the car is used, the driving style of the owner, as well as the climate should be taken into account. Brake discs will also wear thin, when this occurs they will need to be changed. One last consideration for discs is pitting. This will not necessarily affect the performance of the brakes, but it can become an issue if it weakens the disc.

One of the most obvious signs that the brake pads need changing is discolouration or pronounced ridges on the surface of the pad. Ideally they should be around one-quarter of an inch thick, any less and they should be changed. The handling of your car may also provide indications, such as a grinding sound, vibrations, or even the brake pedal becoming less effective. Replacing the pads is a routine procedure, and should be done sooner rather than later. It is easy to buy brake pads online at Mister-Auto, and if done regularly it will prevent damage to the disc. Lastly, new pads often need wearing in. This means that at first braking may feel less responsive, and ought to be factored for when driving.

Brake fluid

Vehicle brakes are a hydraulic system. They work on the principal that it is not possible to compress a liquid. In certain cases when the brakes overheat, the brake fluid will vaporize. When this fluid vaporises it can compress, causing the vehicle brakes to weaken. To avoid this, it is recommended that the fluid is changed every two years.

Buy brakes online with Mister-Auto

With over 1.5 million customers in over 21 countries, Mister-Auto is one of the leading distributors of car parts and accessories in Europe. Thanks to our partnership with our suppliers, we’re able to offer our customers great value for money—up to 60% lower than the standard retail price. Plus, with a catalogue of over 300,000 quality items, we’re the perfect choice when looking to buy brakes online.

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Brake Fluid BOSCH - 1 987 479 107

Brake Fluid
Ref: 1 987 479 107 / BF034

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Brake Fluid ATE - 03.9901-6202.2

Brake Fluid
Ref: 03.9901-6202.2

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Brake Fluid TRW - PFM205

Brake Fluid
Ref: PFM205

Brake Fluid BOSCH - 1 987 479 113

Brake Fluid
Ref: 1 987 479 113

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Brake Fluid TRW - PFM201

Brake Fluid
Ref: PFM201

Brake Pad Set BOLK - BOL-1021

Brake Pad Set
Ref: BOL-1021

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Brake disc set (2) BOLK - BOL-BD4750

Brake disc set (2)
Ref: BOL-BD4750

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