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Brake Caliper Renault WIND

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Brake calipers are an essential component of the braking system in your Renault WIND. They come in two different types: the fixed brake caliper and the floating or sliding brake caliper.

The best way to find the product reference(s) of suitable brake calipers for your vehicle is to enter the precise model and engine specifications for your Renault WIND into our selector. Mister-Auto selects products from manufacturers such as ATE, TRW, FTE Automotive or BÖLK at the best prices. A brake caliper will cost between £60 and £120, which is often less expensive than repairing the brake caliper itself.

When should I change the calipers in my Renault WIND?

Brake calipers should be replaced once they start to leak or jam. If one of the calipers in your Renault jams, a quite distinct noise will warn you, namely a continuous squeaking in the wheels, which will stop as soon as you put your foot on the brake.

To find the correct product reference for your WIND brake caliper, you must check the diameter of the piston, the shape of the caliper, and whether it is a single or double piston. Our experts also recommend that you change the brake discs and brake pads, which are often ruined by faulty brake calipers.