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Camshaft Vauxhall CARLTON

Replacing the camshaft in your CARLTON (Vauxhall)

The camshaft, or seed shaft, opens and closes the valves in your Vauxhall CARLTON. Driven by a sprocket wheel that is linked to the crankshaft by a belt or chain, it is installed in the engine compartment, which will have as many cams as there are valves. The camshaft may be situated either in the crankcase (which is a lateral camshaft), or in the cylinder head.

The price of a Vauxhall CARLTON camshaft ranges between £100 and £200, according to the model of your car. Make the most of our promotional offers and flash sales!

When should I change a camshaft?

The life of a camshaft is linked with that of your CARLTON (Vauxhall). If a camshaft develops problems at less than 180,000 miles, it can be considered faulty. However, the cams that move the valves may wear out over time.

By replacing a camshaft, you are helping to boost the power and torque of the engine by enabling the valves to open wider. There are several types of camshafts, used according to the desired increase in power. However, you must be aware that changing the camshaft will often mean making other changes to the engine, such as replacing the pistons with forged pistons, amongst other options, which will enable the valves to open further.

Please note that some engines have two camshafts: one for the intake valves and the other for the exhaust valves. Mister-Auto will help you find a high-quality camshaft corresponding to the desired power boost and suitable for your CARLTON (Vauxhall). Enter the model and engine specifications of your vehicle into our selector. Mister-Auto will present its range of product references for your CARLTON, from manufacturers such as AE, AMC or Kolbenschmidt.

Camshaft for Vauxhall CARLTON by model and power system

  • Petrol1.8 i
  • Petrol2.0 i
  • Petrol2.0
  • Petrol1.8 i
  • Petrol2.0 i
  • Petrol2.0
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