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The brand Bosch, although originally founded in Germany in 1886, has been established in the U.K. since 1898. In the U.K. alone the company has 36 offices and branches. The brand has become synonymous with innovation and the production of trustworthy and reliable products in different areas. Bosch is a well-known brand for all sorts of home appliances and other consumer goods but issues equally high quality products for the automotive industry. Bosch car parts are issued both for private consumers and manufacturers. Bosch parts are available for almost all categories, from brake parts to filters to windscreen wipers or electronic parts including starters, alternators, plugs or lambda sensors.
The brand Castrol is well-known for the production of lubricants. In the automobile industry, Castrol is predominantly known for its high-quality engine oil. Castrol was created in 1899 by Charles ‘Cheers’ Wakefield. Wakefield had high expectations for the combustion engine and its possibilities. As a result, Castrol oil was introduced into the automobile industry early on. Castrol quickly acquiered a good reputation which lead to the usage of Castrol engine oil in the racing industry. After race cars, engine oil went on to be used in normal passenger cars thanks to Wakefield’s capacity to make use of the excellent results that were achieved in races. Today Castrol is a multinational company with 10 000 employees all over the world. Castrol products are available in over 60 countries and the company disposes of an enormous distribution network of over 100 countries worldwide.
Continental Contitech is in fact a rubber and plastics manufacturer. Contitech parts are produced at platns all over the world. Being an expert in rubber technologies, the Contitech offer includes several car parts including timing and drive belts but also accessory parts to the drive train like tensioner and guide pulleys.
Car part supplier Delphi designs and produces a wide range of different car parts. Delphi is a car part make of American origin and is since 1999 part of General Motors which also owns car makes including Vauxhall in Britain and Opel in Germany in addition to several American makes. Delphi however is an independent company, just like the car manufacturers. Delphi sells car parts in a wide range of categories from brake parts to suspension parts. You’ll also find electric car parts, filters or ac parts.
Febi Bilstein has a long history of producing all sorts of products. Since its creation in 1844 by Ferdinand Bilstein the brand has stood for cutlery, chains and knives, screws and nuts and finally from the 1920s onwards, car parts. Starting with the production of spring bolts, Febi parts now also include a wide range of aftermarket suspension parts for passenger car and commercial vehicles. Today Febi has branches in 69 countries and Febi Bilstein parts are available all over the world.
img KYB
Kyb Corporation was created as the Kayabe Research Centre in 1919 in Japan. From the beginning Kyb has been producing hydraulic and electronic products. For the automobile industry Kyb is predominantly known for the manufacturing of hydraulic car parts including shock absorbers and dampers. In the automotive industry the Kyb shock absorbers and coil springs known for their excellent quality. Kyb produces suspension parts for both OE manufacturers and the aftermarket. In 1959 Kayaba was listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. In 2005 the brand name officially became Kyb. Today Kyb is the largest supplier of both OE and aftermarket shock absorbers and struts in the world. Kyb shocks are available all over the world. The company has 32 offices and 15 manufacturing plants in 21 countries. In Europe Kyb has 6 branches that all supply suspension parts to the European aftermarket.
img LuK
Car part brand Luk is part of the German Schaeffler Group that also owns brands including INA and FAG. Luk has been created in the UK in 1987 and has increasingly acquired a reputation of innovation and excellent quality drive train parts. Luk produces drive train parts for both OE manufacturers and the aftermarket. Every year Luk issues 225 000 clutches and 450 000 clutch discs. Today Luk clutch parts are available in 50 countries worldwide.
Mann Filter is part of Mann + Hummel which was founded in 1941 in Ludwigsburg in Germany. From the start, the filter has specialised in the production of car filters. During the first decade of its existence Mann and Hummel focussed on the development of technically better filters. From the end of the 1950s the company started its international expansion. In 1978 the first multiple feed station was issued and in 1981 plastic engine intake manifolds started being developped. In 1984 the first Mann filter with a plastic housing was produced. More recently, from the 1990s, Mann and Hummel expanded their activity to other contitents, not least to the U.S. and Australia. Today Mann + Hummel has over 50 locations worldwide where they produce both OE and aftermarket filters.
Monroe is a car part brand that has been around since the first cars appeared on Britain’s roads in the early 1900s. Founded in 1918 as the American Brisk Blast Manufacturing Company, Monroe originally produced tire pumps. Only a year later in 1919 this became The Monroe Automobile Equipment Manufacturing Company. As early as 1938 Monroe produced the first actual shock absorber for cars. Twenty years later the brand was known as producing the best shock absorbers in the world. In the 1960s the company started producing stabilising units as well including coil springs and suspension struts. Today Monroe produces a wide range of OE suspension parts all over the world.
img SKF
SKF started in 1907 as the Aktiebolaget Svenska Kullagerfabriken in Sweden. As quickly as only a year later offices opened in Germany and France and SKF’s activity expanded to other European countries including Belgium, Finland and Denmark. In 1915 the single row bearing was produced, also known as the Volvo bearing. Throughout its history SKF has rapidly expanded over countries not only in Europe but worldwide. During its long history, the focus has remained on the production and technological development of wheel bearings. Today SKF has locations in 40 countries and continues to technically improve on their products. SKF parts are available for OE manufacturers and the aftermarket.
img TRW
TRW Automotive has a long history of over 100 years. At the start TRW and its sister companies produced all sorts of car parts including cap screws and the first two-piece engine valve. The wooden wheels on the Ford T were TRW parts as well. Halfway the 1940s TRW started producing power brake systems. Fourty years later it issed an ABS system for the rear wheels only and four wheel ABS in 1994. Today TRW brake parts are equipped with the latest safety technologies and known for their high quality.
Car part supplier Valeo started in 1923 in France near Paris with the production of brake linings and clutch parts. About ten years later, complete Valeo clutch kits became the company’s main area of activity after WWII. Thanks to the takeover of another French company producing heating and air conditioning parts, Valeo expanded its area of business. The takeover led to a restructuring during the 1960s also allowing geographic expansion towards the Italian and Spanish markets. The name Valeo wasn’t used however until 1980 when it was taken on to ensure more unification within the company. During the rest of the 1980s Valeo expanded its activities over different continents including North and South America, Asia and other European countries. In addition it took over Ducellier which specialised in the production of headlights and ignition systems. Although the international expansion of Valeo continued during the 1990s, the company also made excellence and technological development a top priority. This resulted in the issuing of parking assistance systems and electronic parts allowing vehicles to become more efficient and economic. Today Valeo is known for the production of excellent quality car parts. Valeo supplies parts both to OE manufacturers and the aftermarket all over the world.

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