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Disc Brakes

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Disc brakes were introduced to mass market vehicles in the 1950s. They work by using calipers to squeeze brakes pads against the brake disc, slowing the wheel by restricting the rotational motion of the vehicle axle or other shaft. In most cases, disc brakes are based around a hydraulic system that creates pressure which is then transferred to the calipers. Disc brakes are superior to drum brakes as they cool faster and recover quicker from immersion in water.

Identifying Disc Brake Issues

A properly functioning brake system is crucial to the safe operation of your vehicle. If you notice issues with your brake system, such as your vehicle pulling to one side, travelling too far before stopping, squealing or grinding noises upon application of the brakes, or “bouncing” when braking, then it is important to address the problem quickly.

Trouble shooting your disc brakes is simple:

  1. Start your engine but leave the handbrake applied. Press the brakes steadily. If they feel spongy then there is most likely air in your brake lines.
  2. Release the brake and drive a short distance, stopping repeatedly. Make a note of how much pressure is required to bring the car to a halt.
  3. Pump the brakes and note if the brake pedal returns to the correct position. If it remains depressed you need to check your brake fluid.

Replacement Parts for Disc Brakes Systems at Mister-Auto

If you require new parts for your disc brake system, then Mister-Auto has everything you need for your particular make and model of vehicle. In fact, with more than 300,000 parts and accessories available, Mister-Auto is the go-to resource for DIY car mechanics and car enthusiasts. Fast delivery and 14-day returns come as standard so you can always get the parts you need, when you need them. Discover Mister-Auto today and keep your car on the road.

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