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Drive Belt Volvo DUETT

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A drive belt for DUETT costs between £7 and £25.

You can easily replace your drive belt yourself. First loosen the drive belt tensioners of your Volvo DUETT. That will release and slacken the belt.
This is particularly easy if your car has an automatic drive belt tensioner: all you need to do is block it with a screwdriver.
After having put the new belt in place, you will only have to let the tensioner go until it is sufficiently tightened.

To offer you the right drive belt for your car, we recommend you select the model and engine type of your Volvo DUETT in the drop down menu or enter your registration number.
  • Petrol1.8 (68Hp)
V Ribbed Drive Belts
GATES - Ref: 6264MC
V Ribbed Drive Belts GATES - 6264MC
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  • Length [mm] 888