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Exhaust End Silencers Renault 4

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Mister-Auto offers you rear silencers for your 4 from quality brands such as Walker.

To choose your Renault 4 end silencer, there are a couple of things you'll need to check: the number and position of the exhaust rubbers as well as the silencer's shape.
The rear silencer is a wearing car part: due to its location, it is subjected to rust resulting in the silencer falling on the ground in the end.

To determine as well as possible which end silencer references are suitable for your car, we recommend you select the model and engine type of your Renault 4 in the drop down menu or enter your registration number.
Kit end silencer easy2fit
FAURECIA - Ref: FS55072
Kit end silencer easy2fit FAURECIA - FS55072
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  • Packaging length [cm] 80
  • Packaging width [cm] 30
  • Packaging height [cm] 20
End Silencer
VENEPORTE - Ref: RN55072
End Silencer VENEPORTE - RN55072
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End Silencer (2)
MTS - Ref: 01.62560
End Silencer MTS - 01.62560
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  • Diameter [mm] 0
  • Weight [kg] 4,37
  • Length [mm] 630
  • Vehicle Trim Level 00000000000000005150
End Silencer (1)
BOSAL - Ref: 200-925
End Silencer BOSAL - 200-925
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