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Engine Oil EDGE TITANIUM LL 5W30 - 5 Liters
CASTROL - Ref: 15669E


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£ 56.90
Oil type Synthetic Oil
Packing Type Bottle
Capacity [Litre] 5
Specification ACEA Light Duty C3
Fluidity 5W-30
Oil Viscosity Classification SAE 5W-30
Manufacturer Release MB 229.31 | MB 229.51 | Porsche C30 | VW 504 00 | VW 507.00
Technical Information
  • Replacement of 15669D
  1. Published on 14/05/2022

    Gunnar B

    Purchased part for VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VII (5G1, BE1) 1.2 TSI (110Cv)

  2. Published on 11/05/2022


    Purchased part for VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN (5N_) 2.0 TDI FWD (140Ch)

  3. Published on 02/05/2022

    Philippe V

    Purchased part for AUDI A3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF) 2.0 S3 quattro (300Cv)

  4. Published on 01/05/2022

    Gianni C

    Purchased part for

  5. Published on 30/04/2022

    Osman B

    Purchased part for AUDI Q3 (8U) 2.0 TDI (150Cv)

  6. Published on 29/04/2022

    Hubert T

    Purchased part for HONDA JAZZ II (GD_, GE3) 1.2 (78Ch)

  7. Published on 28/04/2022

    Marian B

    Purchased part for SKODA OCTAVIA Combi (5E5) 1.4 TSI G-TEC (110Cv)

  8. Published on 24/04/2022

    Marius S

    Purchased part for VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER V Autobus/Autocar (7HB, 7HJ, 7EB, 7EJ, 7EF, 7EG, 2.0 TDI (140Cv)

  9. Published on 23/04/2022

    Giovanni B

    Purchased part for VOLKSWAGEN POLO (6N2) 1.4 (60Ch)

  10. Published on 22/04/2022

    Gilles D

    Purchased part for VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG (7LA, 7L6, 7L7) 2.5 R5 TDI (174Ch)

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