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Fiat Parts

Fiat Parts at Mister-Auto

Fiat is the largest automotive manufacturer in Italy and traces its roots back to 1899 when the first 24, 3 ½ CV models left the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torinoto much acclaim. Currently a subsidiary of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles holding company, Fiat is part of the very fabric of the European automotive industry and has long been a respected manufacturer throughout the world. Find Fiat parts on Mister-Auto at unbeatable prices today.

The Compact Car—Part of Fiat’s Legacy

Famed for its diminutive designs and compact models, Fiat is credited with introducing one of the very first city cars to the world in the form of the Fiat 500. Originally launched as the Nuova 500 in 1957, this cheap and practical car went on to sell almost 4 million units before being phased out in the 1970s. However, thanks to its popularity, practicability, and iconic design, the Fiat 500 was reintroduced in 2007 and has since sold more than a million units around the world.

Other models, such as the Punto, the Bravo, and the Multipla all vary in size but may be considered compact within their respective classes. These smaller form factors have made Fiat cars particularly popular in Europe, and the current range of vehicles is comprised of eleven units that constitute around 10% of the European market. However, the larger Fiat group also has expertise in other areas. In fact, as the company has grown over the course of the last century, Fiat has acquired a number of luxury and performance brands that include such illustrious names as Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo.

Authentic, High-Quality Fiat Parts at Mister-Auto

If you own a Fiat, whether new or old, then Mister-Auto is your one-stop-shop for high-quality replacement parts and accessories. In fact, with over 300,000 items in our online catalogue, Mister-Auto is one of the top suppliers of authentic parts for all makes and model of car. The perfect resource for DIY mechanics and car enthusiasts, Mister-Auto makes finding and purchasing the components you need quick and easy. Discover our broad range of Fiat parts online today.

To find the Fiat parts you need, simply enter your vehicle registration into our search bar. Alternatively, you can also filter your results by make, model and engine type. Once you’ve found the parts or accessories you require, you can expect discounts of up to 60% thanks to our close ties with our suppliers. Additionally, with every order you place, you will receive fast shipping and 14 day returns as standard—helping you to get exactly what you want, when you want it. Try Mister-Auto today for your Fiat parts and keep your car on the road.

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Rear shock absorber BOLK - BOL-G021958
Rear shock absorber
BOLK - Ref: BOL-G021958
CV joint kit  MAPCO - 16855
CV joint kit
MAPCO - Ref: 16855
Oil Cooler- engine oil NISSENS - 90740
Oil Cooler- engine oil
NISSENS - Ref: 90740
End Silencer BOSAL - 148-183
End Silencer
BOSAL - Ref: 148-183
7 review
Tailgate Lock BOLK - BOL-G121011
Tailgate Lock
BOLK - Ref: BOL-G121011
123 review
Thermostat, coolant FEBI BILSTEIN - 23981
Thermostat, coolant
FEBI BILSTEIN - Ref: 23981
Oil Filter HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS - J1318013
Oil Filter
1 review
Rear brake pad set BOSCH - 0 986 494 030
Rear brake pad set
BOSCH - Ref: 0 986 494 030 / 8832-D1620
10 review
EGR Valve PIERBURG - 7.01599.10.0
EGR Valve
PIERBURG - Ref: 7.01599.10.0
VETURO 4 Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier STEINHOF - SMB-VETURO 4
VETURO 4 Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier
Fuel Pump BOLK - BOL-PI100
Fuel Pump
BOLK - Ref: BOL-PI100
3 review
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