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Clutch Flywheels

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What is the flywheel?

A car flywheel is in fact the link between the engine and the clutch of a car. The clutch is fixed to the crackshaft. Apart from the clutch, the starter motor is also connected to the flywheel.

There are two different kinds of flywheels on the market today:

- dual mass flywheels
- solid flywheel

Since the 1990s dual mass flywheels have been introduced to cars on a large scale. The advantage of a dual mass flywheel is that they are less noisy and reduce the vibrations of the engine, especially if you drive a diesel.

Dual mass flywheels are equipped with dampers that absorb the shocks and movements of the engine. These movements do damage the flywheel itself though. As soon as there is something wrong with the flywheel, this will be visible on the clutch not least as the latter will show wear signals.

When you need to change your flywheel, at we recommend you check whether you need to change your clutch kit as well.