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Cars come with a range of different lights for various situations. Fog lights are a completely separate unit from the headlights and are reserved specifically for tough conditions where visibility is severely reduced. They are used because normal headlights can reflect in fog, causing backdazzle and making it difficult for the driver to see. However, contrary to the name, fog lights are not only used in fog. In fact, they‘re designed to help drivers see under a range of conditions including heavy rain, snow, smoke and dust.

There are two sets of fog lights on a vehicle. The primary ones are located at the front of the car and are normally positioned low, near the bumper. They emit an intense, flat beam of light designed to penetrate particles ahead and are normally narrow in shape. In addition to these, vehicles are also equipped with rear fog lights. These alert other road users to the presence of a vehicle ahead and are always red when activated. Both sets play an important role in the safety of your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to change them as quickly as possible if they’re faulty, as well as perform regular tests. At Mister-Auto, we also advise keeping a spare pair on hand in your vehicle at all times.

When to Buy New Fog Lights

For increased aerodynamics and aesthetics, modern fog lights are now built into the design of the car. This means that if you need to buy new fog lights you will need to find the correct model for your vehicle. It’s important to note that despite being different for each vehicle, it isn’t always necessary to buy the manufacturer model. Many auto brands also supply their own line of fog lights for specific makes at a fraction of the cost. At Mister-Auto we make it easy to compare. All you have to do is enter your vehicle registration number—alternatively you can enter the make, model, fuel and engine in our easy-to-use search feature and we’ll present you with a comprehensive list of fog lights by the manufacturer as well as the top auto brands. So, you can find the best deal. Simple!

Buy Fog Lights Online at Mister-Auto

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