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Fog Lights Fiat MULTIPLA

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The front fog lights (or anti-fog lights), unlike the rear fog lights, illuminate the ground below, because this is where the fog is least dense. While you are driving your Fiat MULTIPLA, you must take great care to switch on your fog lights in the event of fog, but also in the event of snow or heavy rainfall.

In general, headlights do not need to be replaced, unless they suffer an impact and are broken (or if changing the bulb requires replacing the entire headlight). However, it is important to clean them, in order to avoid impairing their visibility and to change the bulbs in your Fiat MULTIPLA when they are no longer functioning. It is not only essential for safety, but also for avoiding a fine!

At Mister-Auto, we sell bulbs, as well as headlights with bulbs included. Enter your model of Fiat MULTIPLA into our selector and discover our wide range of headlights and bulbs from top manufacturers: Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Philips (for bulbs), etc. On average, a fog light will cost you between £20 and £80.

  • Petrol 1.6 100 16V (103Hp)
  • Petrol 1.6 16V Blupower (95Hp)
  • Petrol 1.6 (103Hp)
  • Petrol/Natural gas (CNG) 1.6 16V Blupower (95Hp)
  • Petrol/Natural gas (CNG) 1.6 16V Bipower (103Hp)
  • Petrol/Natural gas (CNG) 1.6 16V Bipower (103Hp)
  • Petrol/Liquefied fuel gas 1.6 16V GPL (103Hp)