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A Comprehensive Range of Ford Parts at Mister-Auto

Among the most popular, successful and profitable car manufacturers ever to have existed, Ford is part of the very fabric of the automotive industry. Having produced countless vehicles for every imaginable application, and with the iconic Ford emblem found throughout the world, it is no surprise that Ford parts are always in demand. Here at Mister-Auto, we have a wide range of Ford parts to buy online—ensuring Ford cars and vans of all ages are well maintained.

A History of Ford—Parts for Cars Old & New

The Ford Motor Company began life in 1903, headquartered in America’s Motor City, Detroit. The brainchild of Henry Ford, the factory initially only produced a handful of cars a day, but within a decade would go on to establish the very first assembly lines in the world—a concept later adopted by innumerable car manufacturers and other factories. During this time, the company also began to manufacture Ford parts in-house, further refining the assembly process.

1908 saw the introduction of the now iconic Ford Model T that included the first engine with a removable cylinder head. Manufactured until 1927, the Model T was named “most influential car of the century” in 1999 and is now highly collectable. The Model A replaced the Model T in 1927 and was the first car with a glass windshield. This was then followed by Ford’s first foray into V8 engines in 1932.

From this point in time, Ford went on to dominate the automotive industry, introducing celebrated models such as the Mustang, Thunderbird, GT40, Escort and Capri—all of which have become legends within their own right. They were also among the first to introduce many safety innovations to their cars with rear seatbelts, child-proof locks, and seatbelt reminder lights amongst many others. Engines and Ford parts were also used in many rally and sports cars of the period, further compounding a lifetime of engineering expertise that would eventually find its way into consumer vehicles.

The 21st century saw the introduction of the now ubiquitous SUV that stood as a counterpoint to a move into more ecologically friendly cars as an alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles. These include a number of purely electric cars, alongside the more popular Hybrids that use a number of different fuel combinations. Ford has also made strides to increase fuel efficiency in standard engines, partly as a response to rising fuel costs in the USA and the rest of the world.

Order Ford Parts Online at Mister-Auto

Offering thousands of Ford parts for a wide range of cars and vans, Mister-Auto is your one-stop shop for repairs and maintenance supplies. We pride ourselves on unbeatable customer service and strive to offer our customers the very best prices for Ford parts online. Ordering Ford parts through our website is simple, and we offer a number of payment methods to make the process as seamless as possible. We aim to get your order to you either within 72 hours, or within 24 hours when using Premium Delivery. What’s more, with new deals added every week and a 15-day money-back guarantee, you can always be sure you are getting what you need at the price you want.

Mister-Auto makes shopping for Ford parts simple. From air filters to axles, valves to rear-view mirrors, you can be sure to find what you are looking for within our online catalogue. Additionally, you will also find car parts and accessories for other major automotive brands in all categories—making Mister-Auto your comprehensive supplier for everything related to the repair and maintenance of your vehicles.

  1. Tensioner Pulley, timing belt SKF - VKM 14300 SKF
    Tensioner Pulley, timing belt
    SKF - Ref: VKM 14300
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    • Diameter [mm] 63
    • Width [mm] 30
    • Tensioner Pulley Actuation Manual
    Wheel Nut (2)
    FEBI BILSTEIN - Ref: 46661
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    • Thickness [mm] 34,0
    • Outer Diameter [mm] 28,0
    • Inner Thread [mm] M14 x 1,5
    • Quality/ Grade 10
    • Spanner Size 21
    • Bolt Head-/Nut Design Male Hex
    • Wheel Fastening Conical Seat F
    • Material Steel
    • Surface Chromed
    • Fitting Position Front Axle | Rear Axle
    • Weight [kg] 0,06
    • Observe service information
  3. Wiper Blade BÖLK (sold individually) BOLK - BOL-E011026 BOLK
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    • Length [mm] 650
    • Adapter enclosed A,B,C
    • Performance Premium
  4. Engine Oil BOLK 5W40 - 5 Liters BOLK - BOL-D031016 BOLK
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    • Capacity [Litre] 5
    • Fluidity 5W40
    • Standards ACEA A3/B4 | VW 501.01 / 502.00 / 505.00 | PORSCHE A40 | PSA B71 2296 | BMW-LL-01 | RN 0700 / RN 0710
    • Specification GM-LL-B-025 | MB 229.1 / MB 229.3
    • Oil type Synthetic
  5. Oil Filter BOLK - BOL-B031662 BOLK
    Oil Filter (1377)
    BOLK - Ref: BOL-B031662
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    • Outer Diameter [mm] 72
    • Inner Diameter [mm] 26
    • Height [mm] 99
  6. Sensor, crankshaft pulse MAGNETI MARELLI - 064820083010 MAGNETI MARELLI
    Sensor, crankshaft pulse
    MAGNETI MARELLI - Ref: 064820083010
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    • Cable Length [mm] 460
    • Resistance [Ohm] 700
    • Operating Mode Electric
    • Number of Poles 2
    • Number of mounting bores 2
  7. Fuel filter PURFLUX - FC582 PURFLUX
    Fuel filter (6)
    PURFLUX - Ref: FC582
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  8. Injector Nozzle BOSCH - 0 280 150 953 BOSCH
    Injector Nozzle
    BOSCH - Ref: 0 280 150 953
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    • Static flow rate at 3 bar, medium N-Heptane [g/min] 147,2
    • Resistance [Ohm] 15,9
    • Fuel Mixture Formation Petrol Injection
  9. Bulb H7 BOLK - BOL-86230Z BOLK
    Bulb H7 (197)
    BOLK - Ref: BOL-86230Z
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    • Bulb Type H7
    • Rated Capacity [W] 55 W
    • Voltage [V] 12 V
    • Socket Version PX26D
    • Technology Halogen
  10. V Ribbed Drive Belts CONTITECH - 6PK2215 CONTITECH
    V Ribbed Drive Belts
    CONTITECH - Ref: 6PK2215
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    • Number of Ribs 6
  11. Boost Pressure Control Valve PIERBURG - 7.28197.16.0 PIERBURG
    Boost Pressure Control Valve (1)
    PIERBURG - Ref: 7.28197.16.0
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    • Valve Type Switch Valve
    • Operating Mode Electric
    • Voltage [V] 12
    • Technical Information Number SI 0096
    • Replacement of 7.28197.01.0
  12. Engine Oil HELIX ULTRA PRO AF 5W30 - 5 Liters SHELL - 550040276 SHELL
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    • Specification ACEA A5/B5
    • Capacity [Litre] 5
    • Fluidity 5W30
    • Manufacturer Release Ford WSS-M2C913-C | FORD WSS-M2C913-D | JLR STJLR.03.5003
    • Observe service information
  13. Shock absorber (sold individually) MONROE - G1083 MONROE
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    • Fitting Position Driver side
    • Shock Absorber Mounting Type Top eye
    • Shock Absorber System Twin-Tube
    • Shock Absorber Type Gas Pressure
  14. Spark Plug BOLK - BOL-J070748 BOLK
    Spark Plug (1)
    BOLK - Ref: BOL-J070748
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    • Thread Length [mm] 19
    • Spanner Size 16
    • Number of Poles 1
    • Spark Plug Platinum Middle Electrode
  15. Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bush FEBI BILSTEIN - 22153 FEBI BILSTEIN
    Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bush
    FEBI BILSTEIN - Ref: 22153
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    • Thickness [mm] 72,0
    • Inner Diameter [mm] 17,0
    • Outer Diameter [mm] 66,0 | 27,0
    • Fitting Position Lower Front Axle | Rear
    • Weight [kg] 0,382