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Shock absorber (sold individually)
KYB - Ref: 634908
£ 85.90
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Shock absorber (sold individually)
KYB - Ref: 634908


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£ 85.90
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Fitting Position Front Axle
Shock Absorber Mounting Type Top pin
Shock Absorber Design Suspension Strut
Shock Absorber Type Oil Pressure
Mister Auto adapts to all needs.

Mister Auto offers its customers products that adapt to all needs.Our Front shock absorber by the brand KYB, with reference 634908, is compatible with all the vehicles on this list.Mister Auto recommends the Front shock absorber 634908 for your vehicle. Find this quality part at the best price on our website!

For a tighter budget, we suggest parts that are compatible with your vehicle at the best price on the market: the BÖLK brand will meet your needs.