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Glow Plug

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Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines do not have spark plugs. They are equipped with glow plugs. Instead of generating a spark, glow plugs, as the term says, only glow. By glowing, they increase the temperature. When starting the engine, the air-diesel mixture is taken to the combustion chamber where it gradually burns due to the hot high pressure air.

As opposed to spark plugs, glow plugs become used over time. A glow plug<:strong> will need replacing after an average of 49 500 miles. We do recommend you check your glow plugs' lifetime in the supplier manual. Glow plugs ought to be changed though when you notice that your car needs a bit longer to get preheated or if it produces a lot of exhaust fumes when you start the engine, especially in cold weather. At we recommend you quickly change worn glow plugs because you can seriously damage your starter motor by using worn glow plugs.

When choosing glow plugs, pay attention to the following points:

  • The chosen glow plugs ought to be compatible with your car. Installing the wrong plugs can result in serious damage to your engine.
  • Buy glow plugs from quality brands
  • Ensure the fitting as well as the connection to the electricity are correct.
  • Dirt which may have coated the thread at the end must not fall into the combustion chamber.

Please note that these suggestions are only indicative and not exclusive nor do they guarantee you will be protected against technical or other problems. At we therefore stongly recommend you always carefully read the supplier's manual before mounting your new glow plugs.