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Car parts for Honda

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Car parts for Honda—A Balance of History and Innovation

Since its creation, the Honda philosophy has been to use technology as a means to serve people. To realize this, Honda has repeatedly responded to the changing needs of people and expanding markets around the world. Honda is part of group that includes the largest automotive manufacturers in the world; bringing the innovation, experience, and forward thinking philosophies that it takes to lead an industry.

What started as a small scale production of motorized bikes in the 40s, by the 70s had become the world’s leading manufacturer of motorcycles; a title still held today. It was during this same period that Honda decided to expand the production of its cars that it had started several years earlier. The first cars, primarily designed for Japanese lifestyles, failed to gain attention in America. In response to this, Honda released the Civic—the iconic model that would go on to become one of the most enduring cars, not just for Honda, but of all motor vehicles ever.

The Civic, large enough to suit American lifestyles, while still small enough to meet the lower emission rates of the ‘70s, would spur Honda to continue. They quickly followed up their success with the introduction of their second most popular model and one of the best-selling cars in the United States to date: the Accord. Fueled by this success, in the ‘80s they opened the first Car parts for Honda plant in America—the first Japanese manufacturer to do so, with three more to follow.

Honda is now the largest engine manufacturer in the world. In 2009, they produced over 23 million components for a comprehensive array of automotive, motorcycle, marine vehicles and, most recently, aircraft. But Honda’s innovation doesn’t stop there. Car parts for Honda and engines also provide reliable power for more than 3000 different product applications, such as washers, construction and domestic appliances. Beyond this, Car parts for Honda are also leading the development of advanced robotics—ensuring that the Honda mark of quality won’t just last, it will lead the future.