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Coil, ignition Mercedes-Benz T1/TN

Replacing the ignition coil Mercedes-Benz T1/TN

The ignition coil manages the ignition and preheating of the engine. Located in the engine compartment, it has to produce enough electrical energy to ensure adequate combustion when starting up your Mercedes-Benz T1/TN. The electrical energy is transmitted to the ignition coil via ignition cable kit.

If you wish to order a new ignition coil for your vehicle, prices range between £20 and £40, according to the model, engine specifications of your Mercedes-Benz T1/TN and selected brand.

When should you change the ignition coil in your Mercedes-Benz T1/TN?

Ignition coil is defective, there will be no spark from the ignition coil and you will no longer be able to start the engine of your Mercedes-Benz. The average lifespan of a ignition coil is between 40,000 and 60,000 miles. Some vehicles have several ignition coils. If one of the ignition coils is not working, the engine may start, but it will lose power and you may feel the vehicle shaking.

Use our selector to find the right ignition coil for the model and exact engine specifications of your T1/TN (Mercedes-Benz). Choose from our selection: VALEO, BOSCH, HELLA, FACET... or BÖLK to benefit from our low price offers.

Coil, ignition for Mercedes-Benz T1/TN by model and power system

  • Petrol2.3 410 (611.067, 611.068)
  • Petrol2.3 410 (611.067, 611.068)
  • Petrol2.3 410 (611.017, 611.018)
  • Petrol2.3 410 (611.017, 611.018)
Coil, ignition BERU - ZS569
Coil, ignition
Ref: ZS569
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