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KYB car parts

Car Part Manufacturer KYB

Kyb Corporation was created as the Kayabe Research Centre in 1919 in Japan. From the beginning Kyb has been producing hydraulic and electronic products. For the automobile industry Kyb is predominantly known for the manufacturing of hydraulic car parts including shock absorbers and dampers. In the automotive industry the Kyb shock absorbers and coil springs known for their excellent quality. Kyb produces suspension parts for both OE manufacturers and the aftermarket. In 1959 Kayaba was listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. In 2005 the brand name officially became Kyb. Today Kyb is the largest supplier of both OE and aftermarket shock absorbers and struts in the world. Kyb shocks are available all over the world. The company has 32 offices and 15 manufacturing plants in 21 countries. In Europe Kyb has 6 branches that all supply suspension parts to the European aftermarket.
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    Spring Cap KYB - SP-001
    Spring Cap
    KYB - Ref: SP-001
    Suspension Strut Support Bearing KYB - SM9928
    Suspension Strut Support Bearing
    KYB - Ref: SM9928
    Suspension Strut Support Bearing KYB - SM9924
    Suspension Strut Support Bearing
    KYB - Ref: SM9924
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