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Lambda Sensor Mercedes-Benz T1/TN

Changing the lambda sensor Mercedes-Benz T1/TN

Also called an oxygen sensor (or lambda probe), the lambda sensor measures the quantity of oxygen present in the exhaust fumes of your T1/TN. There are two types of lambda sensor: heated or unheated and their lifespan differs. You must replace unheated oxygen sensors approximately every 50,000 miles and at the very minimum, every 80,000 miles for heated sensors. A defective oxygen sensor can damage your catalytic converter and is a reason for failing an MOT. To offer you the most suitable lambda sensors for your Mercedes-Benz T1/TN, we invite you to enter the model and exact engine specifications of your vehicle into our selector.

In terms of budget, sensors range from £50 to £100, according to the model of your T1/TN. At Mister-Auto, you will find the best prices on the Web!

Is there a problem with your T1/TN lambda sensor?

A common sign of a defective oxygen sensor is excess fuel consumption: a failing lambda sensor can increase your consumption by up to 15%. Other warning signs include thick black exhaust fumes, smoke, or problems with acceleration and deceleration in your Mercedes-Benz T1/TN. The engine management light or a lack of engine power can also be interpreted as a problem with the sensor.

If your lambda sensor is dirty and you just wish to clean it, please be aware that there are liquid cleaners that can be added to the fuel tank, as well as direct aerosol cleaners.

Lambda Sensor for Mercedes-Benz T1/TN by model and power system

  • Petrol2.3 410 (611.067, 611.068)
  • Petrol2.3 410 (611.067, 611.068)
  • Petrol2.3 410 (611.017, 611.018)
  • Petrol2.3 410 (611.017, 611.018)
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