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Lambda Sensor

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In order to control the emission of harmful gases, modern engines are equipped with a catalytic converter. This converts toxic gases into considerably less harmful compounds. For this conversion to occur, it is primarily dependent on the air/fuel ratio. The Lambda sensor measures precisely the level of unburned oxygen in the fuel exhaust. When the oxygen level is too low or high, the sensor sends a signal to the engine management computer, which causes it to adjust accordingly.

Changing your Lambda sensor is a straightforward process, and you should notice that your mileage increases. However, before you decide to do this, it’s a good idea to use an OBD2 reader to check whether or not your sensor is functioning correctly. These are easily purchased, and are even available on your smartphone. If your sensor has failed, then it’s important to replace it quickly. Buying a Lambda sensor online at Mister-Auto is a fast and affordable way to purchase quality sensors at competitive prices.

Signs you need to buy a Lambda sensor

As sensors age, they lose their accuracy. This normally results in excess fuel consumption. If left unchecked, it can also lead to other problems, especially with the catalytic converter, which can in turn cause other problems. While it’s dependent on a number of factors, it’s best to check the sensor every 18,500 miles. However, if you’re experience any of following issues, it’s a strong sign that you need to buy a Lambda sensor:

  • Because it’s connected to the engine management computer, one of the earliest indications there is a problem with the Lambda sensor will be that the check engine light switches on. This can mean many things, but a faulty sensor is one of the most common. It’s also important to remember that in most cases a faulty sensor will not result in any obvious sounds or sensations.

  • A second indication that you need to buy a Lambda sensor is a decrease in fuel mileage. This is caused due to an imbalance in the fuel to air ratio.

  • When the Lambda sensor fails, this can result in unburned oxygen in the catalytic converter, which may emit a pungent smell, not unlike rotting eggs.

  • Finally, if the catalytic converter fails, this can also be an indication that the sensor has failed. If you have to replace your catalytic converter, check to see if you need to buy a Lambda system.

Buy a Lambda sensor online at Mister-Auto

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