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Mercedes-Benz was formed when Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschafts’ Mercedes joined forces with Karl Benz in 1926. Based in the German city of Stuttgart, the brand has long been associated with luxury cars and premium engineering. “Das Beste oder nichts" ("The best or nothing"), underpins the Mercedes-Benz philosophy, and Mercedes parts can be found in many vehicles the world over—from F1 cars to city buses.

Mercedes—Part of Automotive History

As one of the earliest adopters of internal combustion technology, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen is widely recognized as the first gasoline powered automobile in the world. However, it wasn’t until 1926 that the first Mercedes-Benz car appeared, followed quickly by the celebrated Mercedes 770 model released in 1930. From those early designs, Mercedes-Benz went on to create many automotive innovations that are now considered standard. In fact, features such as the “drop chassis”, crumple zones, traction control, and seatbelts with pre-tensioners were designed and refined using Mercedes parts before becoming common features within the wider automotive industry.

Contemporary Mercedes models fall into the A, B, C, E and S categories. These categories were revised in 2014 with the purpose simplifying any previous nomenclature that had become confusing through the various iterations of Mercedes models over the years. Models before this time may display varied nomenclature that should be cross-checked before ordering replacement Mercedes parts. The current Mercedes catalogue covers sedans, coupes, SUVs, convertibles, roadsters, and a range of hybrid and electric cars.

Genuine Mercedes Parts at Mister-Auto

Mister-Auto is among the top distributors of genuine Mercedes parts in Europe. In fact, with a product catalogue of more than 300,000 parts and accessories for all makes and models, Mister-Auto is the perfect resource for DIY mechanics and car enthusiasts alike. Established in 2007, our team is dedicated to bringing you unbeatable value and uncompromising service—with discounts of up to 60% and the opportunity to get useful advice whenever you buy Mercedes parts. Whatever you are looking for, Mister-Auto can point you in the right direction.

Searching for the Mercedes parts you need is quick and easy thanks to our simple search engine. Just type in your car registration and Mister-Auto will find all the compatible products for your model. Alternatively, you can search by make, model and engine, and you will see a list of Mercedes parts that are suitable. Once you have placed your order securely on our website or over the phone, delivery can be made in either 24hrs or 72hrs. Mister-Auto also offers a 14 day return policy to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase. Order your Mercedes parts from Mister-Auto and rest assured that you are receiving the very best quality and service.

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Tailgate Lock BOLK - BOL-G121011
Tailgate Lock
BOLK - Ref: BOL-G121011
123 review
Automatic Transmission Oil FEBI BILSTEIN - 29738
Automatic Transmission Oil
FEBI BILSTEIN - Ref: 29738
Timing Chain FEBI BILSTEIN - 09234
Timing Chain
FEBI BILSTEIN - Ref: 09234
Gasket, rocker cover FEBI BILSTEIN - 08610
Gasket, rocker cover
FEBI BILSTEIN - Ref: 08610
Steering Linkage QUINTON HAZELL - QDL2873S
Steering Linkage
Ball Joint MONROE - L23505
Ball Joint
MONROE - Ref: L23505
Glow Plug BOSCH - 0 250 201 054
Glow Plug
BOSCH - Ref: 0 250 201 054
3 review
VETURO 4 Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier STEINHOF - SMB-VETURO 4
VETURO 4 Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier
Fuel Pump BOLK - BOL-PI100
Fuel Pump
BOLK - Ref: BOL-PI100
3 review
Clutch Kit BOLK - BOL-MK9937
Clutch Kit
BOLK - Ref: BOL-MK9937
11 review
Clutch Kit BOLK - BOL-MK9627
Clutch Kit
BOLK - Ref: BOL-MK9627
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