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Mitsubishi has a long tradition of engineering excellence within Japan, and traces its roots back to 1870 when founder Yatarō Iwasaki created a shipping firm that was to become Mitsubishi Shokai. The company went on to influence almost every aspect of Japanese industry, introducing the country’s very first car in 1917—the Model A. Parts of the Mitsubishi Model A had to be entirely assembled by hand; so, while it showcased the talent of Japanese craftsmen, it didn’t lend itself well to cost-efficiency. The Model A only managed a run of 22 units before being discontinued due to the high cost of production compared to its European and American counterparts.

A long period of military vehicle manufacture followed, however, it wasn’t until the Japanese economy revived itself at the beginning of the 1960s that the demand for consumer cars began to rise and the concept of family motoring really took off. In response to this, Mitsubishi introduced the Mitsubishi 500, followed by the Minica and the Colt 1000. From this point on, Mitsubishi enjoyed continued success, with models such as the Outlander, GTO and the Pajero becoming best-sellers in their respective classes.

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