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Nissan Parts

Authentic Nissan Parts at Mister-Auto

If you are looking for Nissan parts online, then look no further. With over 300,000 products in our catalogue, we’re one of the leading markets in Europe for car parts and accessories. Our handy search feature allows you to enter your registration, or the make and model, and see a comprehensive selection of manufacturer parts—as well as alternatives by the top brands at unbeatable prices. With Mister-Auto, finding the Nissan parts you need is quick & easy!

A Brief Overview of Nissan

Nissan is part of the big three in Japan (along with Toyota and Honda). Although officially founded in 1934, the company has a much longer history, having previously held several names such as the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works, DAT Jidosha & Co, and Nihon Sangyo, eventually settling on Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Once it had established itself, a few years later in 1937, it released the Datsun Type 15—the first ever mass-produced vehicle in Japan. This compact model would prove to be one of the defining vehicles for Nissan, helping to launch their brand throughout Australia, the US, Europe and Asia.

During the 1960s, Nissan became the first Japanese manufacturer to receive the Deming Prize for engineering excellence. This put the company on a global footing, and models such as the Bluebird, Cedric and Sunny made Nissan an internationally known name. Like many Japanese manufacturers, which specialized in small, efficient vehicles, the energy crisis in the 70s fuelled a rise in exports. In particular the Sunny received the highest score for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s fuel economy test, boosting their popularity even more. This led to Nissan opening their first ever assembly plant in the US during the 70s—the first of 17 around the globe.

Today Nissan is part of a joint venture with the French car manufacturer Renault, making it the third largest vehicle manufacturer in Japan, and the sixth largest in the world. Continuing to push the boundaries of engineering, Nissan are leaders in the development of high-tech concept vehicles and robotic cars, always with an emphasis on functional, solution-oriented models designed for everyday living.

Buy Nissan Parts Online at Mister-Auto

Welcome to Mister-Auto! Established in 2007, we’re now one of the top online marketplaces for car parts and accessories, helping you to get back on the road faster. We stock many replacements for a broad range of vehicles alongside a number of accessories to enhance your driving experience. Plus, thanks to our partnership with our suppliers, we’re able to bring our customers unbeatable deals that you won’t find anywhere else—up to 60% off the regular retail price. So, if you’ve been looking to buy Nissan parts, try Mister-Auto today.

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