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OEM NAM6325 - Rear shock absorber

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Mister Auto makes your searches easy and offers you products for the requested OEM. By searching with the OEM number you can be confident of finding compatible auto parts for your vehicle. No more assembly problems! Below you will find all Rear shock absorber type spare parts available for the OEM number: NAM6325

An OEM number is a code consisting of letters and numbers given by the manufacturers of spare parts. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is simply the original part number that a manufacturer gives to an auto part that it supplies to the manufacturers.

These car manufacturers, also known as OEMs, refer to this number to ensure the compatibility of parts purchased with the aim of selling them to their customers. Note that a vehicle can only have one OEM number per part.

Where can the OEM number be found?
Most of the time the OEM number is on the part installed on your vehicle. The number may be visible, if not it will be necessary to disassemble the part to see it.
Another way to find your OEM number without disassembling the part is to contact a dealer for your brand of car. Take your vehicle registration document with you, so your contact person has all the technical details of your car. If they wish, the dealer can request the OEM number from the brand's spare parts department.

Set of 2 shock absorbers
TRW - Ref: JHS106T
OEM No.: nam6325
Set of 2 shock absorbers TRW - JHS106T
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  • Fitting Position Rear Axle
  • Shock Absorber Mounting Type Bottom eye | Top pin
  • Shock Absorber Design Spring-bearing Damper
  • Shock Absorber System Twin-Tube
  • Shock Absorber Type Oil Pressure