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Pollen Filter

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What is a pollen filter?

Over the last couple of years, considerable developments have taken place on the pollen filter market. Although now present in most vehicles, this filter is ofter overlooked in cars. It is however the filter which contributes to your health. The pollen filter or cabin air filter stops various particulates in the air, including dust, bacteria and pollen but also traffic exhaust fumes and odours from getting to the passenger compartment. This is important as these particulates, depending on their nature, can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea or allergic reactions.

Placed in the outside air-intake of the car, a pollen filter is usually rectangular however in some cases it is adapted to the air-intake of your car. Over time, the filter can become blocked by dirt, leaves and insects, which causes it to work less efficiently. In addition, the air-conditioning system cannot work properly if the pollen filter is clogged. On top of that, regular pollen filter replacement will extend the lifetime of air-conditioning and heating systems.

Overall, a pollen filter will need changing every 9000 to 12 000 miles. If you tend to drive in urbanised areas however, your pollen filter might need replacing more frequently. Pollen filter replacement will often take place at the same time as the replacement of the air filter and oil filter, for example during servicing.