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Car Radiator Ford SIERRA

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Mounting and dismounting your SIERRA radiator are not very complicated tasks.

In general, all you need to do is disconnect the radiator hoses, unscrew the fittings and pull the radiator towards you.
It gets a bit more complicated then as you need to bleed the cooling system to avoid having air bubbles in the system when you mount the new radiator. The type of coolant must correspond to the car manufacturer's recommendations.

To offer you fitting radiators for your car, we recommend you select the model and engine type of your Ford SIERRA in the drop down menu or enter your registration number.
Radiator, engine cooling
MAHLE BEHR - Ref: CR 376 000S
Radiator, engine cooling MAHLE BEHR - CR 376 000S
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  • Height [mm] 605
  • Width [mm] 368
  • Thickness [mm] 28
  • Range Standard
Radiator, engine cooling
NISSENS - Ref: 62224
Radiator, engine cooling NISSENS - 62224
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  • Core Dimensions 600
  • Transmission Type Manual Transmission, 6-speed | 5-Speed manual transmission, operated automatically
  • Material Copper
  • Range Premium