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Automatic transmission shaft seal Renault

2 products found
Shaft Seal, automatic transmission
CORTECO - Ref: 20035271B
Shaft Seal, automatic transmission CORTECO - 20035271B
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  • Inner Diameter 1 [mm] 54,5
  • Outer Diameter 1 [mm] 72
  • Height 1 [mm] 6,5
  • Material FPM (fluoride rubber)/ACM (polyacrylate rubber)
  • Dust Cover with dust lip
  • Swirl Type Right-hand Twist
  • Replacement of 20026876B
Shaft Seal, automatic transmission PAYEN - NF814
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  • Fitting Position Front
  • Height [mm] 11,00
  • Material NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber)
  • Inner Diameter [mm] 36,00
  • Outer Diameter [mm] 54,00
  • Radial Shaft Seal Design 827S DD
  • Rotation Direction Clockwise rotation | Anti-clockwise rotation