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2 External Snow Chains Polaire Steel Grip 130
POLAIRE - Ref: 0130-PSGA


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£ 346.90
Snow chain type External Snow chains
Tensioning Method Automatic
Wheel rim protection Yes
Technical Information
Vehicle type Passenger car | 4X4, SUV's & Crossovers | Light Utility Vehicle
Certifications / Quality Standards Ö-Norm V 5117
Compatible tyre sizes 225/80R14, 255/70R14, 265/70R14, 205/80R15, 215/80R15, 225/75R15, 235/70R15, 245/70R15, 255/65R15, 265/65R15, 275/60R15, 195/80R16, 205/75R16, 215/75R16, 225/70R16, 235/65R16, 245/65R16, 255/60R16, 26 | 215/65R17, 225/65R17, 235/60R17, 245/60R17, 255/55R17, 265/55R17, 315/45R17, 215/60R18, 225/60R18, 235/55R18, 245/55R18, 255/50R18, 265/50R18, 285/45R18, 295/45R18, 225/55R19, 235/50R19, 245/50R19, 25 | 195/55R20, 235/45R20, 245/45R20, 265/40R20, 275/40R20, 295/35R20, 305/35R20, 315/35R20, 345/30R20, 245/40R21, 265/35R21, 275/35R21, 285/35R21, 305/30R21, 315/30R21, 325/30R21, 245/35R22, 265/30R22, 27
Frequency of use :
3 /4
Easy fitting :
4 /4
Lifetime :
3 /4