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Car Part Manufacturer VDO

VDO is one of the world's leading brands in the automotive industry. Although starting out as an individual company, VDO is part of the Continental group since 2007. VDO started out in the 1920s when Otto Schulze invented the speedometer. The latter was then being manufactured by Adolf Schindling's company OSA Apparate GmbH. This comany merged in 1928 with Deuta (Deutsche Tachometerwerke GmbH). Together they became Vereinigte Deuta OTA or VDO. 10 Years later in 1938, VDO was the largest manufacturer of measuring instruments for motor vehicles in Europe. The Second World War however lead to many manufacturing plants being destroyed. Despite this setback, the company took up its activity again in 1949 and with great success. Starting with speedometers for bicycles and mopeds, demand for measuring instruments for motor vehicles also grew rapidly.
Independent since 1973, innovation and research at VDO lead to the invention of the electric cruise control, quartz crystal clocks for aeroplane's cockpits and central information systems. After several ventures with other companies such as Siemens AG, VDO Adolf Schindling merged in 2007 with Continental. Within the latter VDO is the central pillar of the Commercial Vehicles and Aftermarket division. As such, VDO produces all sorts of measuring instruments and other electric products not only for passenger cars and commercial vehicles but also for large vehicles including lorries and buses, ships, and aeroplanes.
Today VDO employs over 80,000 people at over 130 locations worldwide.