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Volkswagen, the top-selling marque of the Volkswagen Group, is among the largest manufacturers of vehicles in the world today. Having manufactured three of the best-selling cars of all time—the Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Beetle, and the Volkswagen Passat—the brand is known throughout the world for reliability and high-quality manufacturing. Order your VW parts from Mister-Auto and benefit from unbeatable prices and superior service.

Classic and Iconic VW—Parts for Old Cars & New

Volkswagen translates as “people’s car” in German, and the name traces its roots back to the German Labour Front in 1930. At this time, the German market was dominated by luxury cars that the average worker couldn’t afford—meaning that only one out of every 50 citizens actually owned an automobile. The German Labour Front set out to change this and, four years after the end of WWII, the iconic and enduring bubble shaped Sedan made it across the Atlantic and landed on US shores—a car closely associated with the much loved VW Beetle, using many similar VW parts.

During the ‘50s, sales of Volkswagen cars soared, and, alongside other models such as the Type 2 (Camper Van) and the Karmann Ghia, the Beetle would dominate both European and American markets—eventually surpassing the Ford T Model to become the most produced car in history. In fact, by 1973 the VW Beetle had sold in excess of 16 million units, however, the company itself was beginning to falter in the face of the disappointing sales of the newly introduced Type 3 and Type 4 models, and the declining popularity of the now aging Beetle.

Thankfully, in part due to a long standing partnership with Audi/Auto Union, Volkswagen began to design the fourth generation of VW cars—with Audi’s expertise in front-wheel drive and water-cooled engines at the fore. Beginning in 1973, Volkswagen introduced the Passat (Dasher in the US), which was then followed by the Scirocco and Golf in 1974, and finally the Polo in 1975. Each of these cars shared a number of defining features, as well as common VW parts and engines.

At the close of the 20th century, the VW Beetle was reimagined and redesigned, becoming an instant hit. This, along with the Jetta, the Up!, and the Tiguan, helped “Das Auto” grow into the 21st century, becoming Europe’s largest automotive manufacture, and second in the world only to Toyota. Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, where both cars and VW parts are still produced, Volkswagen now also operates manufacturing plants all over the world, employing more than 190,000 people across all departments.

Buy VW Parts Online from Mister-Auto

Buying VW parts from Mister-Auto is quick and easy—and with more than 300,000 parts and accessories available online for a variety of makes and models, you will find that all of your mechanical and maintenance needs are taken care of. Established in 2007, Mister-Auto is among the top suppliers of quality automotive components in Europe, stocking all major brands for both domestic and foreign vehicles. Additionally, we offer our customers huge discounts on regular retail prices, free shipping and flexible payment plans for larger purchases.

With up to 60% off genuine VW parts, car lovers and DIY mechanics are sure to find the right components at the right price. Order your VW parts online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and benefit from free shipping when your order exceeds £39. Alternatively, you may also contract our sales team and order VW parts over the telephone. Finally, with a full 14-day money-back guarantee, in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your order, Mister-Auto makes it simple for you to return it.

  1. Brake Drum BOLK - BOL-C121066 BOLK
    Brake Drum (1)
    BOLK - Ref: BOL-C121066
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    • Brake System Volkswagen
    • Mounting Rear Axle
    • Drum Diameter 200
    • Number of Holes 5
  2. Wiper Blade BÖLK (sold individually) BOLK - BOL-E011026 BOLK
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    • Length [mm] 650
    • Adapter enclosed A,B,C
    • Performance Premium
  3. Set of 2 shock absorbers MONROE - D6432 MONROE
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    • Fitting Position Passenger side
    • Shock Absorber Mounting Type Top pin
    • Shock Absorber System Monotube
    • Shock Absorber Type Gas Pressure
    • Replacement of M6432
  4. Engine Oil BOLK 5W40 - 5 Liters BOLK - BOL-D031016 BOLK
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    • Capacity [Litre] 5
    • Fluidity 5W40
    • Standards ACEA A3/B4 | VW 501.01 / 502.00 / 505.00 | PORSCHE A40 | PSA B71 2296 | BMW-LL-01 | RN 0700 / RN 0710
    • Specification GM-LL-B-025 | MB 229.1 / MB 229.3
    • Oil type Synthetic
  5. Oil Filter BOLK - BOL-B031662 BOLK
    Oil Filter (1377)
    BOLK - Ref: BOL-B031662
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    • Outer Diameter [mm] 72
    • Inner Diameter [mm] 26
    • Height [mm] 99
  6. Injector Nozzle BOSCH - 0 280 150 953 BOSCH
    Injector Nozzle
    BOSCH - Ref: 0 280 150 953
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    • Static flow rate at 3 bar, medium N-Heptane [g/min] 147,2
    • Resistance [Ohm] 15,9
    • Fuel Mixture Formation Petrol Injection
  7. Licence Plate Light HELLA - 2KA 003 389-061 HELLA
    Licence Plate Light
    HELLA - Ref: 2KA 003 389-061
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    • Mounting Type mounting | Screw Connection
    • Length [mm] 102
    • Width [mm] 55
    • Height [mm] 56,5
    • Fitting Position Rear | On the left | DROITE
    • Supplementary Info without bulbs
    • Supplementary Info with lamp base
    • Inspection Tag E1 22819 | TL57 SAEL 90 DOT | ECE | SAE | CCC
    • Rated Voltage [V] 12 | 24
    • Number of light functions 1
    • Housing Colour Black
    • Housing Type Synthetic Material Housing
    • Bulb Type R10W
    • Light Function with number plate light
    • Lens Colour Crystal clear
    • Material Plastic
    • Plug Type Blade Terminal
    • Registration Type ADR/ GGVS Checked | E-type checked | with roadworthy certificate | SAE checked
  8. Bulb H7 BOLK - BOL-86230Z BOLK
    Bulb H7 (197)
    BOLK - Ref: BOL-86230Z
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    • Bulb Type H7
    • Rated Capacity [W] 55 W
    • Voltage [V] 12 V
    • Socket Version PX26D
    • Technology Halogen
  9. V Ribbed Drive Belts CONTITECH - 6PK2215 CONTITECH
    V Ribbed Drive Belts
    CONTITECH - Ref: 6PK2215
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    • Number of Ribs 6
  10. Engine Mounting FEBI BILSTEIN - 45309 FEBI BILSTEIN
    Engine Mounting
    FEBI BILSTEIN - Ref: 45309
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    • Fitting Position Upper | Lower
    • Spring Type Rubber-metal Bearing
    • Weight [kg] 0,53
    • For OE number 3C0 199 867 E S1
  11. Glow Plug BERU - GE133 BERU
    Glow Plug (1)
    BERU - Ref: GE133
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    • Overall Length [mm] 130
    • Port Type 4 MM PIN
    • Spanner Size 10
    • Thread Size M10x1,0
    • Tightening Torque [Nm] 15
    • Replacement of 0100266040 GE115
  12. Spark Plug BOLK - BOL-J070748 BOLK
    Spark Plug (1)
    BOLK - Ref: BOL-J070748
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    • Thread Length [mm] 19
    • Spanner Size 16
    • Number of Poles 1
    • Spark Plug Platinum Middle Electrode
  13. Slave Cylinder, clutch SACHS - 6283 000 047 SACHS
    Slave Cylinder, clutch
    SACHS - Ref: 6283 000 047
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    • Parameter NZ19X42
  14. Spark Plug BOSCH - 0 242 240 593 BOSCH
    Spark Plug (50)
    BOSCH - Ref: 0 242 240 593 Blister N12 - FR 6 DC
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    • Thread Size M14x1,25
    • Thread Length [mm] 19
    • Spanner Size 16
    • Electrode Gap [mm] 0,8
    • Number of Poles 1
    • Tightening Torque [Nm] 28
  15. Engine Oil Quartz Ineo Long Life 5W-30 - 5 Liters TotalEnergies - 213819 TotalEnergies
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    • Capacity [Litre] 5
    • Fluidity 5W30 LL (Long Life)
    • Standards MB 229.51 | VW 504.00 | VW 507.00 | MB 229.31 | ACEA C3
    • Specification BMW-LL-04 | Porsche C30
    • Oil type Synthetic
    • Replacement of TOT014