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Wiper blades

Buy new wiper blades online at Mister-Auto

Wiper blades may not seem like the most important part of your car, however, their role in the safety of your vehicle should not be underestimated. It’s normally obvious to drivers when they are failing; if you’re struggling to see the road during the rain, then it’s time to replace your old ones. On average, wipers need to be changed once a year. You can buy wiper blades online at Mister-Auto, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, because of our partnership with our suppliers, we’re able to offer our customers unbeatable prices—up to 60% off the standard retail price. That’s why we’re one of Europe’s leading market places for auto parts.

Signs you need to buy new wiper blades

If you’re unsure about the condition of your wiper blades, read the guide below for more information on when and how to replace them.

A lot of grime passes across your windshield. Fumes, insects, dirt, dust and grit; all of this affects the performance of your wiper blades and can result in streaks and smears being left across your windscreen. If you notice that your wipers are unable to remove this, even with window washer, then it’s a definite sign that you need new wipers.

Rubber track
It’s important to regularly inspect the quality of the rubber track that runs across the length of the wiper. Because the wiper blades are regularly exposed to UV sunlight and temperature fluctuations, over time their quality degrades. As a result they often crack or split. If you notice this, it’s important to buy new wiper blades as soon as possible. Deformations can reduce visibility, and even damage your windscreen.

Noise is an indication that your wiper blades need to be replaced. It shouldn’t be overlooked. Any noise produced suggests that they are not in constant contact with the glass. This also means that they’re not cleaning efficiently, which could lead to severely reduced vision in hazardous weather. Also, if you see the wind lift your wiper blades off the car while you’re driving, then this is another indication that your wipers are not in contact with the glass, and need to be replaced.

Regular wiper blades are not designed for extreme weather conditions. Repeated exposure to ice and snow will damage them. For this reason, when heading into winter it’s a good idea to use reinforced blades designed to withstand the harsher elements.

How to change your wiper blades in 3 steps

Changing your wiper blades is fast, easy, and cheap. So, there’s no reason to leave it until the last minute. At Mister-Auto we recommend having a spare set available. That way, if you’re ever caught in hazardous weather and need to change your wiper blades, there shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Buy new wiper blades

    You can buy wiper blades online at Mister-Auto. Plus, we make finding the correct size quick and easy. Using our intuitive search engine, you can search by the vehicle year, make and model. We will then present you with the options available for your car. Alternatively, enter your number plate and we’ll find your model in seconds. Finally, it’s a good idea to replace both of the wiper blades at the same time—that way you get equal performance.

  2. Remove the old wiper blades

    Pull your wiper blades up to a vertical position. Twist the blade perpendicular to the wiper arm so that you expose the hinge. Be careful as the arm is spring loaded and could snap back and damage your windshield. Unhook the old blade by locating the small tab or pull. Once you press this it should unhook. You can then pull the wiper blade away from the arm.

  3. Attach the new wiper blades

    To attach the new wiper blade, insert the arm through the hole. When you have done this, move the hook over the hinge and push them together. You should hear the hooks snap into place. Once you’ve heard this, lay the wiper carefully back down on the windscreen. Repeat with the second one.

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Wiper blades
Wiper blades
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