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Wiper Blades Smart ROADSTER

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The wiper blades for your Smart ROADSTER are indispensable for good visibility in the event of rain, snow or hail.

For a new pair of wiper blades, expect to pay between 10 and 20 pounds, which means £5 per single Smart ROADSTER wiper blades. However, since Mister-Auto offers prices that beat any of the competition, exceptional promos all year round and many other offers, you will find blades for less than £5 for your Smart ROADSTER!

When should I change my Smart ROADSTER wiper blades?

It is generally recommended to replace your wiper blades twice a year, at the changing of the seasons (the onset of winter and summer), because they are profoundly affected by varying weather conditions.

If you wait too long, you will note that the wiper blades of your ROADSTER are dirty and that the blades no longer clean effectively. You will then need to check if the rubber on the windscreen wipers is just dirty, or actually damaged. If they are merely clogged up, you can clean them with a cloth soaked in household alcohol (or white vinegar and water), passing it gently over the windscreen wiper blades. If, on the other hand, the rubber is torn or cracked, do not delay in ordering a new set of blades on!

In our parts catalogue for ROADSTER, you will find the best wiper blades from top manufacturers, such as VALEO, BOSCH, CHAMPION or BÖLK, the brand exclusive to Mister-Auto.